Homemade Talc-Free Body Powder

I’ve been making my own body powder for a few years now, ever since reading that there could be a link between commercial body powders that contain talc, and various forms of cancer. However, some of the evidence about that remains inconclusive. I’d rather be safe than sorry though.

I’m all for all-natural, chemical-free living anyway. After all, one of my mottos is, “If I wouldn’t eat it,  then I’m not going to put it on my skin.” Plus, I enjoy incorporating my Essential Oils wherever possible.


I love dusting my body with this powder after a bath or shower before bedtime. The Lavender Essential Oil promotes relaxation, and the Joy Essential Oil promotes romance (wink, wink). The powder also includes corn starch and baking soda, to help absorb moisture and odor, and arrowroot powder that replaces the silky satiny feel of talc, and also absorbs moisture.


I am a proud Young Living Essential Oils Distributor. If you’d like to order your own Essential Oils you can do that Here, You just need my Member Number to order: #2351385

My homemade body powder only has four ingredients, smells heavenly, and is quick to make.


I start by assembling my ingredients. You’ll need:

¼ cup Non-GMO Corn Starch
¼ cup Baking Soda
¼ Cup Arrowroot Powder

Using a whisk, mix together in a small bowl.


Add to that:
5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
1-2 drops of Joy Essential Oil


Gently mix, then sift all through a sifter into another bowl. How do you like my sifter? It’s a relic.


Now, prepare to get messy. Spoon your Luxuriant Body Powder into a glass shaker, never use plastic with Essential Oils.


How do you like my nifty glass cheese shaker? I swiped it from a local Pizzeria…Just kidding! I got it from our local bed and bath store…In the kitchen department. It really is a cheese shaker like you find in pizzerias.


Okay, you’re all set. Sprinkle and dust away after your next bath or shower. Be prepared to be relaxed and refreshed, and maybe even a little frisky! Lol! Enjoy!


Aside from the goofy pictures I hope you do enjoy this body powder. If you’re looking for an uplifted energy boost you can use different essential oils, just ask me for recommendations. I’m happy to help!


¼ cup Non-GMO Corn Starch
¼ cup Baking Soda
¼ Cup Arrowroot Powder
5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
1-2 drops of Joy Essential Oil


Mix corn starch, baking soda and arrowroot powder in a small bowl. Add the essential oils and gently mix. Transfer to a sifter and sift into another bowl, then carefully spoon into a glass shaker bottle.

2 thoughts on “Homemade Talc-Free Body Powder

  1. Yami Richardson

    I would like to make this for my mom. She loves the smell of roses and flowers. Which essential oils do you think I should use.


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