Change Your Mindset, Manifest Empowerment

I generally share healthy recipes on my blog, and occasionally post lifestyle tips. This is one such post. A lifestyle tip that helped me today, and I hope might benefit you as well.

Typically, I’m an optimistic person, but sometimes, when problems and difficulties arise, like they have this week, and especially when I’m the cause, I find myself reacting in an unproductive way. I internalize the pain, disappointment, and despair. ┬áBy doing this, I make myself even more miserable, to the point where I can barely function. I react, instead of respond.

I came across an empowering statement today that hit me like a bolt of lightning. It immediately helped change my mindset. And although, the problem hasn’t been resolved, I can now look at things differently.

I’ve shared the empowering tip in the video below:


Another bit of inspiration, and an empowering motivator I came across today that I plan to incorporate into my mindset is the following:

21371422_1630649553673842_2962084384572242008_n (1)

Instead of saying, “I hope I can book some more voice acting jobs.” I will now say, “I know I can book some more voice acting jobs.” Changing my mindset from “hope” to “belief”.

Instead of saying, “I need to improve my networking efforts.” I will now say, “I am improving my networking efforts.” Changing my mindset from a “need” to an “action”.

Instead of saying, “I can’t stick to this exercise plan.” I will now say, “I am capable of sticking to this exercise plan.” Changing my mindset from “can’t” to “achieving”.

These changes in words can help you manifest changes in your attitude and your life.

I certainly will strive to follow these tips. I hope you will too. Also, feel free to share any tips that you find helpful in accomplishing your goals and pursuits.









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